HR Business Process Outsourcing

Many organizations today have been compelled to consider human resource outsourcing as a way of improving employee satisfaction, reducing costs and serving a global workforce.  Outsourcing Senso 3C will allow companies to fulfill their mandate for human resource professionals (HR) to remove some administrative tasks and become more strategic people managers.  By outsourcing multiple processes and technologies to a single vendor, an organization will be able to focus on their corporate goals and implement cost-cutting business strategies.

Benefits of HR Business Process Outsourcing:

  • Focus on corporate goals
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Free up time to implement strategic HR initiatives
  • Lower and control costs
  • Improve ROI 

End-to-End HR Outsourcing Solutions:

  • Payroll - manage total compensation including benefits, bonuses, garnishments, time & attendance and recordkeeping
  • Recruitment - global sourcing, headhunting, posting and management of job ads
  • Training & development - specialized and customized outsourced training in over 100 growth topic categories
  • Reference checking - customized references for candidates you would like to hire from your own efforts
  • Reward and recognition programs - implementation and management of programs including administration and prizes
  • Surveys - strategy, design and implementation
  • Talent management - background and verification checks, supplier management, advocacy issues

How Is It Done?

Senso 3C supplies experts to either evaluate your current outsourced operations for effectiveness or prepare an outsourcing plan that is custom designed for your business.  We obtain a clear understanding of what you need and how outsourcing can be best implemented.  Our program is designed to help your business whether you are already using some business process outsourcing or just starting to explore it as a strategy. 


What Are the Results?

Management will focus on your core business and remove any administrative headaches out of managing processes.  Companies are able to convert fixed overhead costs to variable costs.

HR Business Process Outsourcing

Our goal is to provide a service that meets your needs in a cost effective manner.  Senso 3C's committed, competent and comprehensive specialists dedicate in-depth solution design, delivery and management support. We are committed to saving you precious time and valuable resources.  Choosing to outsource HR processes doesn't just make a change in your makes a difference.

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