Recruitment and Search

Many companies opt for outsourcing by hiring Senso 3C to find top talent for their organization.  We offer a comprehensive system of specialty recruitment, executive search, coaching and assessment.  We will operate discreetly on your behalf ensuring anonymity.

Our Candidates Experience It

Job seekers that register with Senso 3C will testify that 'genuine care' was what hooked them.  The time, the effort, and the communication invested prove our commitment to help people find meaningful employment.

Our Clients Appreciate It

The values and passion symbolized by Senso 3C becomes a key differentiation element.  We are not like a typical staffing firm that will post a job and source for resumes.  To find you a qualified candidate, Senso 3C will work creatively and headhunt or network with talented individuals.  Please note that Senso 3C will not approach people within organizations that are our clients. 

Our Team Respects It

Our team of industry specific specialists takes pride in working with a people company.  We have been told that we are 'best in class' where ambition and determination are exercised daily.  Senso 3C ensures that our team is happy, thus resulting in positive results for our candidates and clients. 

In a competitive business world, organizations need top talent that will be as competitive and driven as you are.  At Senso 3C, our Recruitment & Search division is the ideal resource to help organizations find the right 'fit'.  We are able to customize solutions to meet your exact needs.  Senso 3C will offer our candidates testing to ensure you have the control to identify and select top talent for your team.  Our candidates are career minded individuals looking for permanent or contract positions.  Senso 3C will work to understand our clients' needs and implement our proven recruitment methodology to present top talent.



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