Screening and Assessment

Senso 3C is an authorized partner to provide many different types of Psychometric Testing and Assessments.  Most assessments are designed by psychologists and provide and provide additional information that helps a job seeker find the right career opportunity and an employer find an employee that will function well at their workplace.  Our well designed psychometric assessments are objective and accurate predictors of individual behaviour and preferences.

Senso 3C's Talent Screening Process is designed to measure a candidate's judgement in work situations.  Our staff are trained experts in the field of Talent Screening.  The screening process is designed to identify the client's requirements and implements the elements that are critical for success in a position.

Tailored Screening and Assessment Services

Talent Screener improves the selection process by being:

  • Customized specifically for a particular role
  • Aligned with your company's competencies
  • Realistic in the culture and value of the organization
  • An area to increase the quality of growth in applicants
  • A useful way to reduce 'resume sifting time' of applicant resumes
  • Fast and efficient to complete
  • Effective in identifying how social networking can help assess potential candidates

The discussion considers topics including situational and behavioural interviews, exit and appraisal interviews, testing, background checks, reference checking and overall candidate screening & assessment in the recruiting process. Click here to learn about the Testing & Evaluation options that we offer.

Contact our client services team for more information about our Screening & Assessment process.





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