Testing & Evaluation

Senso 3C's Testing & Evaluation division provides our clients with the control to identify and select the most talented candidates and employees based on skill evaluation. 

Pre-employment screening plays a vital role in our success on finding the right 'fit' for an organization.  Senso 3C utilizes state-of-the-art, industry proven tools to measure and verify skills and experience level.  Over 1200 validated tests are offered and designed to measure a specific skill set.  We offer our clients what we call a 'Job Match' process where we will identify the skills required for the role and offer a testing that caters towards the specific profession and industry.

Our recruiters seek career matches that not only fit the skill requirements of the open position, but also a fit within the company.  Only our best candidates are presented to our clients.

Senso 3C also offers Psychometric Assessments.  Click to learn more.

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