Training and Development

Senso 3C is dedicated to taking your career and organization to the next level with our customized seminars and workshops.  Each of our professional development programs are instructed by highly skilled and recognized consultants, executives, keynote speakers and best-selling authors.  Our roster of facilitators have proven teaching skills to ensure a stimulating and rewarding learning experience for seminar attendees.  Our goal is to impact the way a person thinks and feels about a given subject, thus affecting their actions in a positive manner. 

Types of Training:

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  • Change Management
  • Computer Software Courses
  • Diversity
  • Going Green
  • Improving Employee Morale
  • Leadership
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Networking
  • Recruitment, Retention & Talent
  • Sales Techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Many more...just ask!

Depending on the needs of your target audience and your company goals, Senso 3C offers flexible delivery training options.  Choose the best fit for your audience and the desired learning experience.

Instructor Led Session
This is a traditional face-to-face method of delivery bringing together a group of participants and an expert facilitator.  Our Instructor Led sessions are designed to be highly interactive and relevant to the needs of the audience.  Participants enjoy the in-person interaction and are able to share their experiences, network with their peers and apply their learning in a safe environment.  Attendees benefit from real-time coaching and feedback from their facilitator. 

Live Virtual Classroom
The virtual classroom utilizes an interface through which the students can hear and see all material that is being delivered live by an instructor over the internet.  This training method provides an extension of the classroom experience where students can interact with the instructor and the other students in the classroom.  It provides real time voice interaction, breakout sessions, diagrams and other actions normally found in a live classroom, but without the travel expense.

E-Learning Virtual Classroom
The E-Learning Virtual Classroom is an online educational program that promotes a self-paced course.  This training provides the student the convenience of getting the training they need at any time.  The self paced courses have advanced features including simulation, online experts, multiple bookmarks, highlighting and more. 

Tell us the topic or type of training you are looking for and we will provide you with customized options to suit your needs. Call us at 905.366.0766 x401.


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